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Juba: Viivi & Wagner - Wow, a pig in my bed!

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Viivi & Wagner - Wow, a pig in my bed!


Viivi & Wagner is a comic strip about a girl whose boy friend is a pig. A REAL pig, not just your ordinary beer-guzzling couch potato (couch cutlet?). The strength of the strip is in the acute and insightful observations on the relationship dynamics of the prim and proper Viivi and the not-so Wagner. The success of Viivi & Wagner is unique in the history of Finnish comics. The first strip was published in October 1997 - and now, only some twenty years and over 5,700 strips later this first Viivi & Wagner book in English collects a selection of daily strips from the early years of the comic! Disclaimer: NOT a relationship guide.

Introduction by Gilbert Shelton.

Jussi "Juba" Tuomola (born 1965) is a Finnish cartoonist, comic book maker, playwright and bass player. His main creation is the extremely successfull Viivi and Wagner comic strip which is published in over thirty newspapers in Finland. He has written three often-staged plays based on these characters. This is the very first Viivi and Wagner collection published in English. More Viivi and Wagner is available at www.gocomics.com. As can be clearly seen, Mr. Tuomola has studied fine arts at Florence Academy of Art and Barcelona Academy of Art. He is an original member of the Nyrok Dolls rock band.


Tekijä Juba
Kustantaja Amazon CreateSpace
Sivuja 64
Koko 203 x 254 mm
Sidosasu Pehmeäkantinen
Väritys Mv.
Kieli Suomi
Julkaisuvuosi 2017
ISBN 9781547091720

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