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Kurt Busiek & Yildiray Cinar: The Marvels 2 - The Undiscovered Country

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The Marvels 2 - The Undiscovered Country


The ambitious series that ties together the length and breadth of the Marvel Universe continues! Lady Lotus has erected an impenetrable dome over the Asian nation of Siancong -- but what is her goal, and how does it tie into events from decades ago? The Avengers and Fantastic Four have crafted an assault team, but will the vital final member of the squad be in place by the time the strike begins? Meanwhile, learn what the citizens of Siancong (and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May) have been through under the dome. And discover a shocking revelation about the all-new Warbird! Plus giant monsters, Golden Age mysteries and strange happenings...all intricately crafted by award-winning writer Kurt Busiek!

COLLECTING: The Marvels (2021) #7-12.


Tekijä Busiek, Kurt & Cinar, Yildiray
Kustantaja Marvel
Sivuja 136
Sidosasu Pehmeäkantinen
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2022
ISBN 978-1-302-92153-8

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