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The Comics Journal #305

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The Comics Journal #305


This issue of the award-winning magazine focuses on one of America’s most urgent crises: health care.

According to Forbes, $650 million is raised each year on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe to combat health care costs; in 2017 alone, according to the National Health Survey, 28.9 million people under the age of 65 were uninsured. The Comics Journal #305 will shine a light on how this political hot-button topic shapes the livelihood and artwork created by cartoonists affected by chronic disease, disability, and our nation’s health care system.

This issue also features a document that is significant not only in terms of comics history — but American history, as well. Created by the civil rights organization SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and the Black Panther Party in 1967, this hand-printed zine is a report about a black community in Alabama that attempted to take back their voting rights in their local elections. There is also a profile on cartoonist Kevin Huizenga (Ganges) that asks the question: After you’ve finished your magnum opus, now what?


Alaotsikko Winter-Spring 2020
Kustantaja Fantagraphics
Sivuja 160
Koko 203 x 249 mm
Sidosasu Pehmeäkantinen
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2020
ISBN 978-1-68396-277-9

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