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John Porcellino: The Collected Prairie Pothole

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The Collected Prairie Pothole


Although John Porcellino's Prairie Pothole ran for only a short 16 weeks in the Chicago Reader, it has remained beloved by readers, old and new. Still, it remained beloved by readers, old and new. Since then, John has continued to produce the strip for his Patreon supporters, writing mainly about his childhood memories of growing up in Chicagoland. Listening to weird records, earwigs, trick or treating, and smelt, The Collected Prairie Pothole includes all 28 of these classic four-panel newspaper-style strips, plus bonus material!

John Porcellino is the author of the celebrated, autobiographical comics-zine King-Cat, which he’s self-published since 1989, and two graphic novels, Thoreau at Walden (CCS/Hyperion, 2008) and The Hospital Suite(Drawn & Quarterly, 2014).

He lives in Beloit, Wisconsin with S., two dogs, two cats, and seven caterpillars.


Tekijä Porcellino, John
Kustantaja Uncivilized
Sivuja 32
Koko 165 x 203 mm
Sidosasu Lehti
Väritys Mv.
Kieli Suomi
Julkaisuvuosi 2022

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