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Mike Costa & Nahuel Lopez: God Is Dead 7

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God Is Dead 7


Mike Costa has turned the world of "God is Dead" into one of the most original and innovative series being published. The battle for divine control of the Earth and humanity has delivered a universe of petty squabbling gods that embody the primitive ideals that created them and has turned that history into a modern work of horror that stands alone in its uniqueness. Now the fate of follower and fighter alike is cast as the final showdown between man and god comes to pass. The forces of a shattered world have aligned and are all that stand between hope for a future and the annihilation of the very planet. Can humanity retake the world for itself or is this the final countdown to the end of everything?

This volume collects issues #37-42 of the ongoing "God is Dead" series.


Tekijä Costa, Mike & Lopez, Nahuel
Muut tekijät Urdinola, Emiliano & Frigeri, Juan
Kustantaja Avatar
Sivuja 144
Sidosasu Pehmeäkantinen
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2016
ISBN 978-1-59291-271-1

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