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Kaisa Leka & Christoffer Leka: Before the Sun Sets

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Before the Sun Sets


This was the plan: In the summer of 2019 the three of us (Kaisa, Jonne and Christoffer) were to ride our bikes from Alaska to California. But as we know all too well, life rarely submits to the plans of us mortals. Depression made an unwelcome appearance in Jonne's life the fall before our journey. Months passed, spring arrived with green leaves and bird songs, but he dull blanket of greyness that enclosed Jonne would not let go. It became apparent that our grand expedition would be one cyclist short of three.

But even though Jonne wouldn't be able to accompany us in person we nonetheless wanted to include them in this exciting adventure of ours in an alternative way: Every day during the journey we would seek out a post office and mail Jonne a postcard (and on occasion more than one) in which we recollected all the ups and downs on the journey - sharing with Jonne the thoughts while pedaling on those endless roads. We told them about the people we met, reported the roads we took, and disclosed what kind of weather we endured.

And that is what you will find inside this box: The story of our great journey along the Western coast of America, beautifully reproduced in what came to total a full 123 postcards. There's also a wonderful little map with additional information, because every adventurer needs a map!


Alaotsikko Postcards from a Bicycle Ride
Tekijä Leka, Kaisa & Leka, Christoffer
Kustantaja Absolute Truth Press
Sivuja 252
Koko 130 x 170 x 57 mm
Sidosasu Muu
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2022
ISBN 978-952-68103-5-5

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