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Noah Van Sciver: The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski

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The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski


The complete trials and tribulations of America’s worst writer are collected at long last.

From the dive bars of Denver, Colorado, to the seedy motels of Columbus, Ohio, Fante Bukowski has lived a literary tradition as identifiable and essential to American writings as it is currently at odds with contemporary mores: a tradition of toxic masculinity, white privilege, Daddy issues, alcoholism, and narcissism, all in the name of art. This landmark volume compiles the trilogy of works that have preserved Bukowski's legacy—Fante Bukowski, Fante Bukowski Two, and Fante Bukowski Three: A Perfect Failure—as chronicled by acclaimed cartoonist Noah Van Sciver.

The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski also puts back into circulation Bukowski's first self-published chapbook, 6 Poems, painstakingly restored for this collection after the entire original print run was destroyed in a motel fire—what few copies were circulated now command collectors prices in the rare books market. Novelist Ryan Boudinot (Blueprints of the Afterlife) pens a new introduction to this volume as well, which is bookended with a selection of Bukowski "visual tributes" by many notable visual artists who have been influenced by Bukowski's oeuvre.


Tekijä Van Sciver, Noah
Kustantaja Fantagraphics
Sivuja 452
Koko 165 x 240 mm
Sidosasu Kovakantinen
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2020
ISBN 978-1-68396-285-4

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