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Heavy Metal #294

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Heavy Metal #294


Heavy Metal Magazine #294 - The Industrial Special features more than a dozen stories of technology and man at conflict. Publisher, Kevin Eastman, makes is second writing outing in Heavy Metal with artists Esau & Isaac Escoza (Taarna) in this techno romance, "Dance, Death, Dance." Industrial band, MINISTRY. Makes their debut in Heavy Metal with an adaptation of their song "Theives" by Aubrey Sitterson with art by Andrea Mutti."IF/THEN" by Genevieve Valentine with art by Augustin Alessio shows how a kind heart can change cold circuitry. "1NF3RN0" by Curt Pires & Thom London with art by Antonio Fuso shows a future where religion is dictated by giant machines, who make mistakes more often than they like to admit. "Caretaker" by Matt Emmons is a story about the Earth's stewards after the time of man. "Into The Black" is a Bladerunner style graphic novelette by newcomers Keith Grassmick and Nick Philpott with colors by Dennis Calero. Dwayne Harris delivers a short but sweet tale of hilarious misfortune in the digital age with "Glitch". Michael Dupless, Frank Forte and MoraMike's"Machine Age Voodoo" shows the dangers of man and machine on the edge of war. Homero Riosand Davi Agusto examine Robot's dealing with civilization. Newcomer Jesse Lonergan showcases a metamorph hitmn on forgotten worlds looking for his place amongsrt them. Heavy Metal legend, Philippe Caza returns with "Planet Carnivore". Continuing is this issue are chapter four of Grant Morrison & Gerhard's "Smile of the Absent Cat", Chapter 8 of Richard Corben's "Murky World. The three art galleries feature works by phenom artist, Nick Pyle, Xsullo, and cover artist, Donato Giancola


Kustantaja Heavy Metal
Sivuja 162
Koko 203 x 270 mm
Sidosasu Lehti
Väritys 4-v.
Kieli Englanti
Julkaisuvuosi 2019

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